SISTER LOUISA loves her some friction between
    The Profane and The Sacred!

    (Friction IS Friction)

    Spirituality and Sexuality
    are children of the same Father.

    (Just ask Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, and Ted Haggard!)

    Horrific acts have been done
    to humans, by humans,
    in the name of gods,
    (not a capital “g”)

    If you have been gifted with
    divine and/or human love in life,
    or chosen to open that door,
    (however THAT works)
    then you know the intensity
    of what it means
    to give and receive love.
    Your heart pounds, bleeds, oozes, then squirts from every pore.

    Sexual Orgasm is between humans. (Hopefully)
    Spiritual Orgasm is between you and the Spirit.
    LOVE happens when you have a 3-way with Both.

    When MY transforming moment struck,
    born of the dance between the profane and the sacred,
    every secular love song I heard was automatically
    a love song with what I perceived as god.

    My worry lifted, my half became whole, I tingle inside.
    I live on bonus time.
    I live with my humanity.
    I live with my addictions to Jesus and Cock.
    (not rooster)

    It’s my job,
    here on earth,
    to make healthy, positive choices
    in the utilization of the gifts
    that I have received.
    (aka “i check i.d.’s)

    Love From Above Has Set Me Free…
    Love Down Below Is Between “Jesus” and Me!

    (wink* wink*)

    *This affirmation is dedicated to Mauricio “Jesus” Escalante