LiViNg LiFe SeReNDiPiTOusLY and HoNoRiNg ThE FLoW

    Jesus God Hallelujia!


    Someone in CHURCH yesterday

    asked me if I had been planning

    on opening a bar

    called CHURCH

    for a long time.


    It got me thinking.


    I have known

    that I love the Hospitality Industry

    since High School

    & College;

    receiving my

    Bachelor’s in Business

    with a Major

    in Hotel, Restaurant, & Travel.


    I get bored easily

    and there is never a dull moment

    in the bar business.


    If I learned anything

    from that

    Seventies Education

    it was that to create a

    Designation Food,


    or Entertainment Establishment

    you must provide

    more than food and drink.

    You must create an experience

    for your guests

    and you must give them

    something that they are guaranteed

    to talk about

    around the break room

    the next day at work.


    After working

    with major

    hotel corporations

    in Franchise Development

    and Quality Assurance,

    my life changed.


    I (thought) I veered

    from THAT world

    when completing

    a Master’s Degree

    in Education & Psychology

    in the early Eighties.


    I needed THAT

    to boost my confidence

    and knowledge

    of how the hell

    to raise two children

    whom I loved dearly

    when I was only in my

    early twenties my self.


    I enjoyed that responsibility

    and life and about died

    when it ended.


    In the late Eighties

    when confronted with

    a quest for truth,

    I pursued

    a Master’s in Divinity

    with a Major in

    Pastoral Care.


    Not able to reconcile

    the incongruities between

    The Dogma of The Church

    and what I knew to be True inside,

    I left the Church proper

    (Sister Louisa’s story is really my story)

    and began secular work

    with troubled adolescents

    and their parents.


    After years of THAT,

    I had an itch to create vignettes

    within my life.


    I bought,


    and sold homes

    in places where

    NO ONE wanted to live

    and elevated their worth

    by filling them

    with such love and beauty

    that their value

    was transformed.

    I LOVE that.


    Sister Louisa

    was conceived

    from this very bent

    towards transformation.


    I opened an antique store

    in East Atlanta

    in The Nineties





    It was here that

    I started collecting

    tacky-ass pictures

    of Jesus.


    Assloads of them.


    Being weak minded,


    I surround myself with

    is who I become.


    I have always kept

    a picutre of Jesus

    by my bed

    so that his energy,


    and single mindedness

    is the first thing

    that I see

    when I wake up.



    I know,

    but true.


    Destiny had it

    that I would meet

    Hollis, Daniel, and Lary

    and during our first meeting

    would decide to travel

    for a couple of weeks


    to Prague




    Through this ridiculous

    and life-changing encounter,

    Lary informed me

    that I was gay,

    Hollis inspired me

    to say what I believed,

    and Daniel amazed me

    with his childlike

    expression of life.


    Sister Louisa

    was conceived

    through the excitement

    of our new relationship

    and the planning of the

    first Telephone Factory Art Show.


    Daniel was a real artist

    with paint on his clothes

    and shoes,

    and he cut his own hair.


    Hollis spewed hilarity,

    because she has

    no other damn choice.

    That Bitch can write.


    Lary is God.

    He’s above and beyond

    all things Human.


    I knew that I

    wasn’t a “real” artist,

    that my art

    was the art of living.



    I went to my antique store

    and took all the

    tacky-ass pictures of Jesus

    off the walls

    (that nobody bought),

    brought them to The Telephone Factory

    and wrote what was on

    the inside of me

    on the outside of

    those paintings.



    by what came out,

    I couldn’t sign them

    Grant Henry.


    I created an alter ego

    to which I assigned

    the name Sister Louisa,

    her being a woman

    to eliminate any suspicion

    that she

    was I.


    Sister Louisa

    sold sixty plus

    pieces of art

    her first show.


    I thought,



    Having made some money

    with my real estate,

    I decided to sell everything,

    houses, cars, shit.


    I had been making

    Sister Louisa Art

    but couldn’t take

    it with me,

    so I filled the dumpster

    behind the Telephone Factory

    with her art,

    and darted off to Mexico

    to live simply,




    after a year,

    I realized that

    I wasn’t done



    I returned to Atlanta

    and was confronted

    with the terrifying fact

    that a friend had retrieved

    and stored all of my

    Sister Louisa Art

    from the dumpster.


    Boomerang Jesus.



    I told a friend

    who owned a Restaurant

    and another Bar,

    The Local,

    that I wanted to learn

    to bartend

    so that I could have parties

    in my new loft

    at The Telephone Factory.


    I did NOT want a job,

    I wanted to learn

    to bartend.



    I bartended at The Local

    for almost 10 years

    and rememebered

    why I loved the

    hospitality industry

    and bar business.


    Sister Louisa

    continued to refuse to die,

    and she thrived in

    Sister Louisa’s Art Gallery

    in The Church of The Living Room

    in The Telephone Factory.


    Through the encouragement

    and support of amazing friends

    and family,

    you know who you are,

    I left The Local

    to open a bar




    I already had the art.

    I already had the church chandeliers.

    I already had tons of Jesus shit.

    I already do Sister Louisa matches.

    I already had the best training on how to run a bar.

    I already am a marketing whore.

    I already had a Last Supper Table.

    I already had Blood-of-Christ Red Leather Sofa Set.

    I already had a Ping Pong Table.

    I already had a Collection of Authentic Roadside Religious Signs.


    I am not smart enough to know



    I have been planning

    on opening a bar

    called CHURCH

    for a long time.



    I’ve conducted several encounters called






    It is because of

    the love and support of

    all of my friends

    and family

    that I am able

    to focus forward

    with blinders on

    and let

    what is being created here

    be created.


    It’s not me.

    I have nothing to do with it.


    I just am too lazy

    to stand in it’s way.





    …Come On In, Precious!

    will open as soon as

    “her” liquor license

    is approved.


    I’d guess




    Thank You for your patience,

    and excitement.


    Jesus loves your butt.

    -Sister Louisa

      • jaime

        i love you sister louisa!

      • stan


      • Darrell

        I think Ive finally found a church home

      • Lite Weight

        Hot Damn!!! Let us say Amen and Amen again!!!!

      • Rebekkah Hilgraves

        Oh, if only I still lived in that part of the world. But I can tell you, dear Sister Louisa, that I will surely stop in when I am passing through town!