My fucking faith
is bigger
that my goddamn brain.

It has always
been that way,
and by faith,
I don’t mean something
that I do in CHURCH.

I am a dreamer,
to a fault.

I get lifted
off the ground
of reality
by the hopes
and ideals
of how fabulous
things can be,
totally unaware
of the blatant reality
before my nose.

I’ve jumped
off more cliffs
in life
than there are cliffs.

I had tears
in my ears,
lying on my back
cheering on
Thelma and Louise
as they approached
THAT cliff.

I mean,
if you have a vision
as part of a smart dream,
and if you KNOW
that you are partially responsible
for that vision
to become a reality;
what else can you do?

You jump!
At all cost,
You jump!

You don’t ask
too many questions,
your fearless
entrepreneurial spirit
takes over
and jumps
despite the risk.

that if you build it,
they will come.


I’ve jumped in life
and have been carried
to a different reality.

I’ve jumped,
and found myself
better for having jumped.

I’ve jumped,
and regretted
the jumping.

Some people just aren’t jumpers.

Their goddamn brains
are bigger
that their
fucking faith.

Thank God.

Healthy Marriages,
Brilliant Business Partnerships,
and World Peace
are all possible
when each party
in the union
understands their role,
respects the role
of their partner,
and let’s each other
be who they
need to be
to stand firm
in the genius
of their individual

I love that last scene
in Thelma and Louise;
when THEY
are in that convertible,
approaching the cliff,
and they look over
and grab each other’s hands
and KNOW.

I love THAT.