Fuck Perfection,
it just doesn’t exist
when it comes to humans.

If you look truthfully
in the mirror,
you can find a reason
to NOT to like what you see.

This is where
a soulful life begins.

When we let go
of the illusion
that we are perfect,
and accept our flaws,
then we can begin to focus
on what we DO have to offer,
and not waste time wishing
we were something else.

Give up on comparing yourself
to anyone else
and celebrate YOUR flaw,
and figure out
how your “fucked-upness”
can make this world
a better place.

I’m talking to myself again,
here with my big fat head,
barrel chest, toothpick legs & flat ass,
a 53 year old man,
sitting at The Last Supper Table
writing on Jesus Shit
with oil paint makers,
signing my name,
Sister Louisa.

it’s Fucked Up,
and it’s my life,
and I’m gonna live it!