I can’t do it
I cannot do it.
I can not do it.

I started
writing these daily ditties
with the sole purpose
of leaving my daughter
a little of me
when I
kick the bucket.

I hoped to impart
some hard earned wisdom
that would help
make her life
a little easier
than mine has been.

I said I was going to
write one ditty per day
for a year.


Mary Grace,
you have to admit
when you just
don’t have the strength
to do what you said
you were going to do.

I have been
on my feet
helping a friend
do Cinco de Mayo
at his Restaurant
since 7 a.m. this morning,
and it’s just about
midnight now.

I just popped
4 pain relievers.
My feet are killing me.

I cannot write
my ditty today.

I can’t.
I cannot.
I can not.

Mary Grace,
Daddy ain’t perfect,
and he knows
his limitations.

I wish my parents
had told me
30 years ago
that they weren’t perfect,
we would probably
have been
much better friends.

Mary Grace and Grant with mirrored profiles (ok, squint!)