You can live your life
doing what is the “good” thing to do
for just so damn long.

At some point,
if you have a soul
who has something real to give,
you’ll crack.
You can’t please people.

When you crack,
this is the moment
that you’ll have the opportunity
to look up and see the light.

When you see the light,
follow it at all cost.

You will lose friends,
people will think you are crazy,
your life will change.

After losing, or pissing off,
all your old boring, loser-ass friends,
you will have prepared yourself to receive
the magical gifts of authenticity.
(this makes “stuck people” very nervous!!!)

jaja ja jajja

So the next time someone says to you
“you shouldn’t do that”, or “you should do this”,
tell them: “DON’T SHOULD ON ME!”,
and get on with your bad self
following the light that you see.

Care less about what other’s think,
Care more about following the light.

This is real shit, today.
Tomorrow isn’t promised.