DON’T STOP! Don’t Stop! don’t stop! DoN’t StOp!

This Fool-Ass Judge
had to follow me
to the bathroom,
watch my feet
under the stall,
just to make sure
that THEY didn’t stop

THEY meaning feet.

Winston Churchill’s advice
came in handy that day.

I was raising money
for a benefit
in a 72 hour
and we were told that
under NO circumstance
could we stop moving.

Have you ever tried
to sit on a toilet
with your pants
around your ankles,
do what human’s do,
all the while continuing to dance,
…all while having this old man
peeping under the stall
making sure your feet
were still moving?

THAT Judge
had The Republican Senator’s
Dream Job!

I remember going to bed
after getting to the end
of THAT dance contest.

I SERIOUSLY could not stop dancing.

I was sleeping alone
I’m thinking
that prone dancing
is ten times more obnoxious
than snoring.

I danced for
most of the next day
only because of the habit
that I had gotten in to.

I bet we didn’t raise
THAT much money
for whatever benefit
we were dancing for.

I don’t even remember,
I was a Freshman in College.

I often think about that weekend
when I have a task
ahead of me
that I know I need to do
but perhaps,
I don’t want to do.

I thought that
Hour number 72
would never come.

It came,
my participation helped,
I remember it
when I’m trudging through
doing something
I don’t want to do,
and the experience provided
me with
a Ditty on Doing;
35 years later.

You’ve gotta take
what you’ve got
when you’ve got it,
find the value in it,
and then take it
where you’ve
got to go with it
to continue doing
what you do
to get to where
you gotta go.

Don’t Stop
and you’ll
get THERE.