Sometimes we don’t do something
that we REALLY want/need
to do in life
because we are scared
of what “they” will think,
how it will look to “them”.

It has been my experience
that “they” is really just fear.
“They” don’t exist.
“They” is my inability
to muster the courage
to live truthfully.

People who love you
will go with the changes
you need to make
in your life
towards wholeness.

The hardest sentence
I ever learned to say was:
“I can’t do that and stay whole”.

The most effective sentence
I continue to use in life is:
“I can’t do that and stay whole”.

Those who love you want you to be whole.

All others? Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!
jaj ajj aja

“They” will watch with respect
as you realize your dreams!