I’ve never written
a ditty drunk.

Here goes.

This ditty is about forgiveness,
white goats,
and Grant Hats.

Mispellings are expected
and understood.

I think I missed
a date tonight,
a commitment,
which is something
I don’t take
(holly go) lightly.

(I hope my two ex-wives I left aren’t reading this)

My life,
after leaving my work
of nine years,
has been a little,

THAT is my lame-ass,
true excuse.

A shift happened,
the ground beneath me
is more secure today.

It’s a good thing,
just a major change.

My biggest flaw in life
is feeling too deeply,
but I grieve fast.

I was supposed to watch
a tv show that my friend was in,
with HER,
and several
other good friends.

I was hungry
around 5pm
and another friend
came by
and I was starving,
so we jumped up to
El Azteca.

I remembered going there
with my friend Hector,
and we used to always
drink Frozen Texas Margaritas
and pee together
in the bathroom.

I forgot who I was.
I forget where I was.
I forgot what I had to do tonight.

I remember 3 pitchers.

I ended up
around the corner
on a sofa asleep
and have slight memory
of you in colorful
retro dresses.

It’s like the middle of the night now,
I haven’t been at home
for like,
7 hours or so,
and I have no phone service,
and I am writing this
drunk ass ditty
and I am sorry
that I didn’t do
what I planned doing with you.

I might be dreaming,
or drunk,
and it hasn’t happened yet
or we did it together,
but I don’t think so.

I love you none the less,
and if you see my
car up at El Azteca,
I’m not there.

I’m here.
But I’m still drunk,
and I’m still sorry.

I think your show was great.
You looked great.
You never told me
you were still seeing
THAT boy.

you said that
he cheated on you
in Venezuela,
and the TV said
you are cheating on me now.

All I have to say to you is,
I am sorry for not watching the show with you,
and I didn’t realize
that I cock-blocked
THAT boy
throughout the whole show.

He was cute,
but you are too smart
to be dating
a goddamn cinder block.

Either you are lying to him,
or you are lying to me.

I can’t write more.

White Goat