I Don’t Think
I Have One Ounce
Left Inside of Me!

I Can Not Write
One More Damn Ditty,
or Devotion,
Whatever I Call Them.

I am a Void.

I Have Reached
The End of My Rope!

Hit Butt-Ass Bottom.

NOTHING Left To Say.

I Used to be So Scared
to Say Those Words,
to Admit that
I Wanted to Quit.

Experience has taught me
that getting to this point
is a Good Thing,
not a Bad Thing.

Sometimes at work
when I get to this point,
it means that something
needs to change.

Fresh Air needs to Flow,
New Ideas.
It’s time to Pivot
and Punt.

I Believe it is a Positive Thing
to give yourself Permission to Quit.

Quitting implies an Ending.
Ending implies a Beginning.

Starting over;
It’s like your own
Personal Easter.


jajaja ja

This is another Damn Ditty already.

The Key to My Fresh Future
perhaps is NOT
in the Quitting Itself,
but in Giving Myself
Permission to Quit.

It releases the pressure
from whatever I am doing.

It makes me realize
that I just might not be
that important
in the process
of whatever I am doing.

It’s a Letting Go.
Some say
it’s a
Letting God.

Thanks for Reading
my Ditties.
I Love Love Love
Writing These Damn Things.

Give Yourself
Permission to Quit,
and Get On
With Your True Self.