The power of words
fascinates me.

Get this:
I never, officially, finished college,
but I have completed Masters
in other fields.

A Quarter before I was to graduate,
I got the job offer I wanted,
but it was to start immediately.

I packed my bags and followed money.
(Sorry Jesus, I’m a two-timing fool!)

About a year after I left un-graduated,
the University wrote me
and encouraged me to return
(another State!)
and complete my course-work
(so that they looked better
as far as their enrollment statistics,
I’m sure).

Right! Like THAT was going to happen! jaj ajajja

I decided to try a little experiment.
I wrote the University
a thank you note
for their concern.
In the letter
I told them about my job,
and how invaluable the education
I had received at their institution was for me,
and how it had provided me with the tools
to do the best job possible
for my company.

I went on and on and on and on!!!
(Don’t say a word!!!)

The last sentence of the letter was:

“Please submit this letter in lieu of
a 15 hour Independent Study Course
for completion of my fine education
at the university.”

3 months later,
in the mail,
in a cardboard tube,
was my completed diploma
for my Bachelor’s Degree
in Business: Hospitality Management.

No tuition did I have to pay.
No course work did I have to take.
No papers did I have to write.

I learned that day,
standing there laughing in disbelief,
that you have to teach people how to treat you!
The words that you choose
can make a huge difference
in the treatment you receive in life.

If you REALLY want something in life;
Name it and Claim it!

But be careful,
you may just get
what you ask for!

*Alternative Title: MANIPULATION 101

The little jesus that could.