“Do I look like OBAMA?”

That was this Street Hustler’s
response to a Homeless Begger’s question:
“Got Change?”

I laughed.
I thought it was cute.

The Begger didn’t.

This Economy,
and the Stress
that comes along with it,
is forcing many people
to ride the BIG ASS wave of change,
whether they want to,
or not.

When I was younger,
I would just ignore
the signs of change,
hoping that WHAT I KNEW
wasn’t true,
and then brace myself
to hit the brick wall
that I saw in the distance.

After I hit the brick wall,
I lost everything.

I’m not real smart.

I don’t know what is going on,
but I do feel
the current current of change,
and am doing everything possible
to ride the flow,
while realistically SEEING the brick wall
in the distance,
and proactively building a road
around it,
or over it.

The Inevitable Brick Wall
of this Recession
is not stopping my ass
on account of my laziness
or lack of creativity,
and I’m sure
not giving it the power
to dampen my spirits.

THAT would be fucked up.

I don’t know what it means,
I don’t know what is changing,
but I am preparing myself
to live simpler,
to eat healthier,
to expect less,
to see more beauty.

It’s not copping out.
It’s preparing for change.
It’s adjusting.
It’s grouping and regrouping.

For me,
it means,
creating more art,
writing more stories,
compiling a book,
and honoring
the dreams
of Sister Louisa,
while respecting
her art whore,
Grant Henry’s
human guidance.

“We” will survive.