I am split
right down the middle
over the tragedy
of mental illness.

On one hand,
I am scared SHITLESS
of some fuckers
who are crazy
as hell.

On the other hand,
I understand
that their psyche
somewhere along the way,
and they simply
can’t help
being who they are.

It’s horrible.

I know what it is like
to be tested
to the point of snapping.

I was on a restaurant patio
watching this
Mother/Daughter combination
walk by.

Daughter is 20 feet
in front of Mother
dangling her keys
in front of herself,
as if the keys
were pulling her along.

She walks faster
than Mom,
so every few minutes
she turns around
and goes back to Mom
and repeats the cycle
and again,
and again….

They had on matching shirts
and jeans
and matching hair.

I’ve seen them all over the city
and am fascinated as to
why the hell
they do THAT.

They are stuck.
Something in that action
must keep them alive.

They are the harmless kind
of mentally ill,
as opposed to someone
who is threatening,
and dangerous.

I have a harder time
feeling compassion
for the kind of mental illness
that turns a seemingly
“normal” human being
into one who
would threaten
my very existence.

Evil Crazy
is dangerous
because they have
nothing to lose.

They are the kind
that make me tremble,
when they talk above me
looking straight down
at my EAR
when they are barking
at me.

there is still a sad place
in my crusty old heart
for even the evil,
and dangerous
mentally ill person.

It’s a flip of a coin,
a toss of the dice.

MOST people
don’t choose crazy.

I’m sure,
in a perfect world,
wouldn’t choose
to walk the streets
following a set
of damn keys.

I hope,
if Angry,
Evil Asshole
knew what he was doing
to me,
and other’s lives,
he would
stop his behavior.

It’s tragic.

My brain
my feelings
and keeps me
from being mad
at crazy people.

I am fortunate
that I can stand back,
see CRAZY,
and choose
to use it
as a way
to bring levity
to my life,
to extend the boundaries
of an otherwise
boring existence,
and more importantly;
employ IT to keep
fearful people
at a proper distance.

I wish I cared more,
I wish I cared less.