My mouth
is hanging>>>>>open.

Stunned & Saddened for them,
yet glad in a way
that the playing ground
has been leveled,
and everyone knows
where they stand.

There IS Peace in Knowing.

Ready to play
The REAL Game.

Three Fancy Friends,
just yesterday,
found out that their lives
are changing drastically,
as a result
of the Economy,
and/or Partnerships,
or lack thereof.

One guy,
The King of
Successfully Flipping Real Estate,
before that was
“a Show on T.V. that I don’t watch”,
was packing up
his shoes and clothes
when we talked.

He will start over
with nothing but his humility,
in an apartment
three doors down
from an apartment
that he started out in
25 years ago.

He is Letting Go of
Millions of Dollars of Real Estate
across the Southeast.

Another Friend
CHOSE Inner Peace
Over Outer Bullshit
in a Professional Partnership.

He will Heal,
and Grow,
and Go On
to Bigger and Better Things.

I am SO proud of him
and predict that he slept better last night
knowing that he Spoke His Truth,
and got out alive.

The Third
is forced into Choosing
to Let Go of his Family Home
in order to Salvage
Some Semblance of Family
in the New Economy.

Can I tell you a Secret?

The Number One Reason
that I AM The Happiest Man Alive
is because I have HAD TO learn
to stay balanced
when the rug beneath me
has shifted.

No blame.
No shame.

Can I tell you another secret?

I love love love it when
I get the opportunity
to start over again.

I’m actually Pumped,
looking forward UP the road,
thinking to myself;
What I will do when my next shi(f)t happens?

Shi(f)t is gonna happen,
it always does.

Some Good Shi(f)t.
Some Stinky Shi(f)t.

My challenge
is to try to make
something pretty out of it.

jaja ja jaja ja

Bring It On Life!

I’m a little bored lately anyway,
Hit me with your Best Shi(f)t.