Have you ever
been in a position
that you knew
you COULD do something,
but that worst-case logic,
and perhaps even fear,
made you doubt
your upcoming action?

You knew
that if you DIDN’T do it,
that you would
miss the boat sailing towards
reward and satisfaction
whether you get on board,
or not?

There is this divine voice inside
that says to my human fears
when I am about to
green-eyed pussy out:


My inner voice cusses,
yet gives me the courage
to do what I LOGICALLY
would not do.


MY biggest motivating fear
is that I will end up bored,
compromising my integrity,
on a Lazy-Boy Chair
in a Cracker-Box Subdivision
somewhere out of eyeshot
of the hustle and bustle
of the flow of life,
wishing I had done
what I knew deep down
that I COULD
have done.

Leaps of Faith
is at the core of why
I am,
and continue to be,
The Happiest Man Alive.

Staying composed
when everyone around me
is losing their shit
gives me the inner peace
that my inner voice commands.

I am of the SOLID belief
that we all get
little glimpses of knowing
gifted to us
throughout our lives.

I also believe
that if you
don’t say YES
to the positive possibilities
of your inner knowing,
that those glimpses
will become
and complacency
and boredom
will set in.

Saying YES
somehow triggers
the Universe
to Open The Floodgates
to what my inner voice
already knows is true.

This much I know is true:

If you dream it,
you can do it.

If you give,
you will receive.

If you build it,
they will come.

Each of us knows inside
what we each MUST do to stay whole,
and whatever that is,
everyone around us
can figure it out
as well.

I love seeing our
Humanity and Divinity
dick around together,
like they did
INSIDE of Jesus.

I love when they hold hands
and smile at each other confidently,
like Thelma and Louise did
at the end of THAT movie,
and they do
what they know
that they can do.