Amidst the perfect storm
that is our unsure economy,
I did the logical thing.

I up and bought
a brand new car.

I’m not EVEN
smart enough
to realize
that THAT
might not have been
a good idea.

What can I say?
I now need a car with seats
more than I needed
a truck without?

It started young.

My mom took me
to the Doctor
at Age One
thinking I was “retarded”.

I said the word “retarded”
because THAT is the word
my Mom tells me
she told the Doctor.

I can just hear Georgia now:
“Doccctor Bentonnn,
I ayam soooo worrrrrieeeeed
abouuuuuttttt G-ah-rrrrrrraaaannnnnntttttttttt”.

Dr. Benton said
that I was just a happy child,
to be thankful.

she worried that
I wasn’t developing properly?

I didn’t say
and i didn’t cry.

My first word
after a year of silence?
“Mother, I want a bowl of oatmeal”.

I was just laying there,
then sitting there,
a witness to the craziness
that was my family,
smiling BIG,
un-naturally Happy.

I never outgrew THAT.

Even today,
I seriously believe
that everything
is going to be alright.

If you see me smiling
when things are sad,
or see me spending
when money is tight,
it’s o.k..

I’m just a witness
to the craziness
that is this thing
called Life.

is a beautiful thing.

If you are smart,
be THAT.
If you have a gift,
use THAT.
If you have a vision,
follow THAT.

I’m not real smart,
but I am real hungry.

I want a bowl of oatmeal.
I’m going to do THAT.

Grant Loves Georgia