You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets.

This Ignorant Tragedy
within The Catholic Church;
where the POWERS at be
have been more concerned
about Protecting their Priests
than their Children;
has rendered
The Church
and Goddamned Void.

My use of “Goddamned”
has never been more appropriate.

THIS has overshadowed
all the intentions of good
that the very institution
says they were built upon.

Just imagine the painful knots
in the stomachs of all those
Empty Souled Child Molesting Priests
walking around
spouting Holiness
in Fancy Garbs
while doing
what they did.

More compassionately,
imagine the painful knots
of shame and guilt
in the stomachs
of every child that they
knowingly bad-touched.

It makes the very idea
of a Confessional
seem dangerously similar,
yet oh so dissimilar,
to a Stank-Ass,
Truck-Stop Glory Hole.

Supposedly Straight Men
getting their rocks off
with an equal
and Anonymous Partner,
only this time
the Partner isn’t willing,
and what pops through the hole
is the Power of the Pope
and all that denying Him
would mean
to an innocent child.

Those poor kids had no choice
but to take it.

It’s sick.
It’s tragic.
It’s toxic,
and it’s evil.

It is nothing short of
The Mass & Violent Rape
of innocent Children’s
bodies and minds,
by those self-empowered
to be representatives
of whom their very victims
call God.

That those
were not brought to trial
and prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law,
is Unfathomably Criminal.

as in punishable
by State,
and Federal Law.

These weren’t issues
to be resolved
WITHIN the Church.


It seems that Christians
don’t want to get mad about it
because they think that
it is not Christian to get mad.

What is THAT about?

Is our Southern upbringing
to just talk about nice things
THAT strong
that no one can even
talk about THIS?

Our Silence
is a slap
on the face,
that matches the
handprint on the butt,
of every cute little altar boy
who was told
to shut the fuck up
and to take the blame
for being so damn cute.

The Volume
of our Uproar
Must be Louder
than our Silence.

Yes He Does