at age 21,
knew more about Love
than I knew at 46.

He first saw True Love,
when I was being
all human and nasty
about our connection.

He knew a Loving Soulmate
when he saw one,
and our Love
continues today at THAT LEVEL.

I’ve repeatedly been known to say,
that I’m NOT gay,
and people think
I’m joking.

I am NOT joking.
I am NOT gay.
Add THAT to the things I am NOT!

I know that LOVE
is Bigger than a Towering Penis,
and more Comforting
than a Warm Vagina.

THAT is SO Human,
LOVE is SO Divine.

I recently found out
that I lost
the most
significant LOVE
of my life.

We hadn’t seen each other
in 23 years,
yet our Love
catapulted each of us
into a Truthful Existence.

Our Love was ordained by “God”,
and touched by the “Angels”,
however unfulfilled
in this world
that is was.
We didn’t have to be together
to be in Love.

We loved each other
for what we cherished in each other,
not for what we could do
for each other.

We couldn’t please each other Humanly,
yet we were pleased with Love’s Divinity.

Because it was impossible
to Manifest our Love
in this Life,
it simmers still into Eternity.

THAT love wasn’t about Pleasure,
Any two humans can do THAT.

Friction IS Friction.

Until we ALL get over the labels,
the walls between us,
the embarrassments
that our Society
shames us with,
then True Love
between all people cannot be realized,
World Peace cannot be attained.

Love Taps us on the Shoulder,
Tears well up within our eyes,
when each person,
whether Male and Female,
Male and Male,
or Female and Female,
Values each other’s Freedom,
Honors each other’s Choice,
Cherishes the Other
for what THEY need to do,
for where THEY need to go,
and how THEY need to get there.

This is some Scary Shit.
Our Role Models are Non-Existent.
This is the Love I Know and Love.

We as Lovers
must be willing
to walk into the darkness alone,
and trust that the other
is also safely walking alone
in the darkness
of their own fears.

To do this is to Let Go of Control
and allow The Universe
to do It’s Job,
like it does
with the Ocean’s shoreline.

In and out,
back and forth,
up and down,
a BIG WAVE here,
a little tremble there,
a cleansing,
a little turmoil,
a peaceful calm,
a reflection of the Light from above.

To do this is
is to have Divine
Trust and Faith.

To do this is
to be a like
a Cork on the Ocean,
and be taken away,
where Love
takes Love.

*This Devotional is in Loving Memory
of Julie Murphey Brown Welch.

and you, and him, and her, and us…