has always been
a fine line
that I’ve
tip-toed around,
with my Ugly Painted
Snapping-Turtle Toes.

I understand
that in any relationship
that the people involved
have to compromise
in order to survive.

I KNOW this.


My issue,
as a creative individual,
having learned how to live magically
in order to just DAMN survive,
IS where to draw
THAT line.

It means that I have
to choose carefully
who I am entering into
any relationship with.

Mutual respect
and admiration
is a MUST.


What happens
when you find yourself
in a perfect-looking situation,
when deep down you know
that the one you find yourself
in relationship with
is NOT one who’s
vision you respect?

Do you just make the best of it
for old times sake,
for the sake of creature comforts,
for the sake of an easy life,
or do you fly off
and create what you
can be a magical place?

Mediocre or Magical.
Mediocre or Magical?
Mediocre or Magical!


I just answered my question.

It’s time to take a leap >>>>>>>> of faith.

I think that THIS
is the answer
to THAT question
in THIS economy.

If you know deep down
that you can create
something of value,
something that matters,
something that is only yours,
then you have no choice
but to DO IT.

To not do it
is to choose boredom,
to sacrifice your soul,
to let someone else
have control
of your dreams,
and turn them
into nightmares.

I’m outta here>>>

I’m choosing
to live the dream,
not die in the nightmare.

Lovin’ IT,
Livin’ IT,


Option C: Suicide