I’m Sick
of fortunate people complaining
about their lives.

Every day
I hear real stories,
from unfortunate people
who are involuntarily broke(n).

If you have a job,
and a home,
and a life you chose,
and you incessantly complain about everything,
then maybe you are
choosing to be stuck on miserable.

I don’t want to hear it.
It turns my stomach,
makes me nauseous.

It’s time to stand up
and take fucking responsibility
for where you are in life.

Employ a little Thankfulness.


When Mary Grace was little,
having bankrupted
my entire prior existence,

My ARROW was pointed in a new direction >>>

I remember one Friday in particular,
I picked her up for the weekend,
we had $7.00 to last us until Monday,
with NO FOOD in the house.

I HAD TO think fast on my feet,
how to turn this painful truth
of our life,
into a simple game,
and figure out how to create
A Beautiful Life
despite our broke(n) reality.

Playfully denying this reality,
we took a bike ride together,
then skipped up to L5P
for a slice of pizza,
drank some water,
and played frisbee in the park,
then sat on our swing together
and giggled with neighbors.

We made magical memories,
and we were RICH.
We had $3.00 left,
for our traditional trip
to Dunkin Donuts
on Saturday morning.
She LOVED that trip together.

There Was Nothing More That I Could Do
except set out to prove that LOVE,
positive thinking,
and my hyperactive imagination
could conquer our reality.

We put on fun hats,
funky glasses,
and thrift store “costumes”,
and drove around laughing,
buying shit
(with bad checks)
at yards sales
that we could
immediately sell
to local antique stores
to make lunch money,
dinner money,
money for gas
to take her back
to her Mom’s on Sunday,
and money to deposit
on Monday
to cover the bad checks.

So Please,
Change Your Mind,
I can’t hear it
and Stay Whole.

I am NOT a Christian.
I REALLY don’t care.

I know this is NOT Inspirational,
and I know that life is hard,
but Dig Deep,
FUCK the FEAR that’s got you paralyzed,
and Claim Your Joy Inside.

(Have I told you lately that I LOVE you?)

*This Dittie is dedicated to Claudia Thompson,
from Providence Antiques who unknowingly
saved my ass many times. I love her.