First off,
I am NOT a Christian.

I don’t EVEN know what that means?
I haven’t sold everything,
I know and love many Buddhists,
I don’t live my life selflessly.
I don’t.

I love being RICHARD N. SHIT!

I CAN say I am a Grantian.

It feels like fraud
to even imagine saying
i am a Christian.
Jesus (Hussein) Christ was the Christian.
I’m a Grantian.

I am obsessed with
the symbols of what people
believe concerning religion,
society, and politics.

This does not mean
that I am going to live
like my parents lived,
or their parents lived,
or Jesus, John, Mark, or Matthew lived.

in my world,
with my experiences,
with cars, cellphones, and computers,
I have to live my life
in THIS reality.

I respect how “they say”
that Jesus lived his life,
I’m obsessed actually.

He was a cool guy.
I love, love, love HIS HAIR!
I loved what he stood for,
I loved who he befriended.
He was heart incarnate.

My problem is having anything
between me
and what “they” call God.

This seems blasphemous.

Why would anyone want
anything less than
a Direct Connection
with their “God”?


As for me,
Grant Henry aka Sister Louisa,
I am going
to live as truthfully as I can,
I’m gonna use the word “fuck” when appropriate,
I’m gonna be as kind as I can,
be a good steward of the gifts I’ve been given,
give back what i can,
within the reality
I find myself living.

He told the truth.
He stood for something.
He wasn’t ashamed of who he hung out with.
He didn’t give a shit
what anyone thought.

I can do these things,
in my own way,
but I can’t,
say I’m a Christian.

One piece, of a set of four that I took to a trip to LA with friends. RICH!!!