“What she said about me
is more about her
than it is about me.”

THAT is some good advice
to those of us
with sensitive souls,
that I learned from
my fabulously tragic
friend Hollis.

Hollis Gillespie,
The Writer of Much Acclaim
(in her own mind)
ja ja jaja
of Atlanta Magazine,
formerly of Creative Loafing,
and author of such foolishness as:
AND the more recent TRAILER TRASHED,
has NO life
of her own.

Without ME,
she’d be in an
eighties trailer
in Acworth,
with her Kennesaw-Claw Hairdo,
pulling shifts
at The Neighbor Newspaper
in her tacky ass
Christmas Sweater.

jaj ajjaja

She is lucky
we are friends!

Seriously though,
She dedicates her life
to helping others
learn to write shit,
blog shit,
get shit titled,
and published.

She has one of those
dot com’s
that you can go to
on one of the Googles
to sign up
for her classes.

In THAT way,
she is painfully unselfish.

With consistent
and undying love,
I call her
“The Bitch”
so that when I address her
it is clear
that she knows
where I stand
on her OTHER
character traits.

I love her.
*wink *wink

She writes about people with interesting lives,
(Her not having one of her own)
about her “bizarre friends”,
(I am the sane one in the group)
and her fucked up family
(past, present, and future).

When she began writing
about “Grant”
in her columns and books,
I had to practice
what SHE preached.

I had to detach myself
from what she wrote
(i mean lied)
about “Grant”,
and let THAT character
have a life on his own
outside of the Grant
that I saw in the mirror.

First off,
Don’t believe A WORD
The Bitch says
about me.

She Lies,
It’s all true.

She makes shit up.
She documents the truth.

We all go through life
trying to get somewhere worthwhile,
to do something meaningful,
and to leave something behind
that makes the world
a better place
for our
having been here.

One of the highest hurdles
in life that I continue to jump
is worrying
about what others think.

I am going out
to the horse store,
if there is such a thing,
and buy me some
leather blinders.

I’ve got Dreams!

I know deep down
that the quickest way
to get to where
I want to be
is to focus forward

is not always a bad thing;
within her giving spirit,
(and the entangled web of her bizarre mind)
taught me this as well.

I love her.
*wink *wink (my eyes tell it all)