I could never be
a Doctor.

Anytime anyone
around me starts talking
about wounds,
or accidents;
my last meal
starts rising
back up my throat.

It’s like one of those movies
played backwards,
I can see
last night’s taco
in the toilet
before I throw it up.

So what?
I can’t be a Doctor.

I also KNOW
that I am a
Big Picture
kind of guy.

I have an idea;
and within a minute
I can visualize it
up and running,
in all it’s highest glory!

I’ll spend 48 hours a day
tirelessly working on
the realization
of a dream.

Ask me to punch in
your boring ass data
into a computer
for 8 hours
and I’d walk out the door
and look for the nearest cliff
to jump.

THIS is who I am.

Knowing who you are,
what you enjoy,
what turns you on,
should be the basic information
one looks at
when desiring to do
anything in life.


If I’m looking for a relationship,
Grant Henry,
I’m not going to go
to the goddamn gym
and do my typical little
and pick out
a mighty-muscled gym boy.

I’m NOT going
to find me
nice wife.

THAT’S not me.

If I’m changing careers,
for sure,
will not be campaigning
to be the next
President of The United States.

I would deny nothing
and admit everything.


A friend asked me yesterday,
“relationships-how does one get one?”.

It’s gotten me to thinking.

My first response:
“I, personally, love flying solo!”.

THAT is me.

I love-love-love
my alone time
sitting here
crossing my t’s,
dotting my i’s,
on these little ditties.

I’d just as soon
zoooom through the city,
on my scooter,
than sit around somewhere
with a room full of people
talking about nothing
but nothing.

But for my friend,
things might be different.

I think all
that any of us can do,
is look at our lives,
what we went through,
what we learned from it,
how it has gotten us to today,
and be honest with ourselves.

This is WHERE I am today.
This is WHO I am today.
This is WHAT i want for tomorrow.

If you don’t like
WHERE or WHO or WHAT you are,
then set your sights
on changing things up.

Draw a line in the sand

Start over,
and don’t go back.

If you do go back,
forgive yourself,
and start
not going back again.

We must
prepare ourselves
for what we want
in life.

We must move
in THAT direction.

I wish I had
an answer
for my friend.

But I think
the secret is,
is that there is
NO secret.

Don’t tell anybody.