No one gives a shit
about what you are doing.

Everybody is so concerned
about what they are doing,
that you could literally
point your arrow
in a completely different direction,
and no one would know.

I learned THAT
in High School.

I was a Nerd.
I was The Math Club President,
in the Latin Club,
Annual Staff,
and all around
teacher’s goddamn pet.

I almost threw up
saying that.

jaja ajja

I remember
all these people
who got in trouble,
sneaking out of the school
for lunch,
or just plain skip school.

on the other hand,
walked directly
into the Principal’s Office,
shook his hand,
said I hope he was having a good day,
then walked out of the door,
got in my car,
and went to McDonalds.

was more attractive to me than
an Ass-Kicking.

All my life
I knew I was Artist,
just without
an identifiable medium,
other than
Life itself.

I know how to live.

People all the time
come up to me
and tell me
that they wish
that they could
show their art somewhere.

The only difference between
doing it and not doing it
is doing it.

The other day
at the coffee shop
this new hanger-out-er
said to me:
“You are an artist,
do you have 5 minutes
that I could show you
my doodles”?

His art was magical.

He said that he would love
to show his work somewhere.

I told him to go
into the coffee shop
and ask the owner
if he can paint
his artwork
on that wall
right THERE.

I pointed to
an ugly-ass
blank wall
on the side
of the parking pad.

Two days later,
I was talking
to the coffee shop owner,
and THIS artist guy
walks up to the owner
and ask
if he could paint his artwork
on the wall,
and include
the name of the coffee shop.

said the owner.

that each of us
that we could do.

Do like THIS artist did
and whip out your balls
and just damn do it.

The only difference
between doing it
and not doing it
is doing it.

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