“We don’t HAVE to go you know.”
I would just as soon
as stayed around town
and enjoyed the sunny day,
in the city,
riding my scooter;

I was hoping to give
my friend an out,
just in case,
he too,
didn’t want to go.

I silently sighed
when he said
that he wanted to go,
and we went.

We went,
even though
the two-hour drive
down past Columbus
would only allow us
to have 2 hours THERE,
because we left yesterday
at 1:00 p.m.!

What a waste,
I feared.

is the only word
that is out THERE
to be made up
to describe

Get your pen
and paper

Write down:

We got there about three o’clock
and did not see any signs for it
which was intriguing in itself
and then fatefully stumbled upon
a friend’s house in Seale, Alabama
who is a genius in his own right
and we woke him from
the prior night’s bender
that made him miss his own festival
and we hugged and he gave us
a tour of his home and brain
which was stunningly filled
and brilliantly empty at the same time
then he got in my car
appropriately named Lady DaDa
at least for THAT day
and he took us to DOO-NANNY
which I am too shaken to even describe
because of the simultaneous
understatement and overstatement
of style and vision,
freedom and expression,
reverence and blasphemy,
beauty and downright goddamn ugliness
which was permeating every teensy inch
of the 80 acre farm which reminded me of
the collision of heaven and hell,
everything good and beautiful about life
and I leave sooner than we even could have stayed
because I knew that if I stayed
that I would then and there translate
to the next realm of life
so we left and all we could do
was shake our heads
and tear up knowing that our lives
were forever changed
in ways that even the two cute girls
who sold us a shot of whiskey, cookies and bad advice
for a silly nickel could not even have imagined.

Breathe Grant.

Upon leaving,
my “bendered” friend
who took us on
the magical fairy ride,
handed me his creation,
called THE original SNUGGIE.

That Brilliant Ass Mother Fucker
lives alone in a cold,
1800’s palace that is fit for a king,
while at the same time,
a Crackhead on Ponce.

He had taken this beautiful old quilt,
cut two circles out of it,
and sewed red thermal shirt sleeves
into the holes,
and made himself
his own damn SNUGGIE.

He was shyly embarrassed by it,
mainly because,
deep down,
he knew that it was too great
for the world to handle,
and that it would
be a life-changer.


is the vortex of all things
original and creative,
the very core
of where China
gets all their ideas
on what people
want in this world.

The New York-Goddamn-Times
was there documenting
the weekend.

Next year,
climbing in
The CHURCH bus
that I’m buying today.

We’re going to Seale,
and I’m driving the bus.

Before then,
I’m going to design
a structure
that will be a permanent addition

It will be a multi-use structure
will we serve as an outdoor church
slash garage for my ’67 Fairlane
slash booth to sell my art in.

I got up early today
to spend the day
making assloads

I can’t fucking wait
to see how SHE
was changed
by D00-NANNY.

Note the helmet too!