Stream of ConScioUSnESs CoNcERnINg the concept behind my soon to be open bar called CHURCH

Here’s the deal:


I’m a hundred years old

and don’t have time to waste

on doing things

just because society,


or the political climate

tells me I should.


THAT is for kids.

Don’t SHOULD on me.


I am a loving,

conscious being

who lives my life



Because I’m selfish,

and THIS is the life

I am living,


(the bar to be opening soon at 466 Edgewood in Atlanta)

will be an extension of my selfishness

in the following ways:


1.  Smoking on the Patio:  I value our lungs and I value smelling fresh when I leave CHURCH.  (i still love you)


2.  No Wi-Fi in CHURCH:  There is nothing more nauseating to me than seeing a coffee shop/bar filled with dead people.


3.  Social interaction is encouraged:  Lots of flow, movement, conversation, information, and laughter with be shared.


4.  Big Bank Fees Suck Ass:  CHURCH will be a cash operation with a convenient, affordable ATM available in case you forget to bring $.  This way, your  drink/food cost is low low low.


5.  Big, Flat Screen TV’s will not be seen in CHURCH:  An array of old school VHS movies will be available for remembrance & ridicule.


6.  (Legal) Gambling will be encouraged in CHURCH:  We are having a Poker Night in The Upper Room of CHURCH on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. with Daniel Stabler..


7.  JUKE BOX:  I hate internet juke boxes,  we will have a great, CD Juke Box that Parishioners have input into it’s selection. (Amen!)


8.  Church Organ Community Karaoke with TT Mahony:  Sunday Night Funner’n’Hell Karaoke with a REAL LIVE Church Organist from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m..


9.  Play will be celebrated:  Ping Pong, Darts, and Scary Clown Cornholing will be rampant.  Baton Twirling Lessons on the patio.


10. Tacky Ass Sister Louisa Art will be plastered on the walls For Sale to balance out the elegance of the fancy CHURCH structure.


Edgewood @ Boulevard