Things aren’t always
as they appear,
as we would fear.

I was present
in the Operating Room
at the Birth of my Child.

There was anxiety
over the birth
because of prior complications,
but Mary Grace arrived safely.

The juxtaposition created
by moving from fear to joy
produced the most raw,
holy emotion
that I had experienced to date.

Every emotion I had EVER felt in my life
was re-created,
and magnified,
upon her safe arrival
into my arms.
(ok, the Doctor’s arms,
but hey, I was second!)

It was a Transforming Moment.
I witnessed the magic
of her going
from one realm
to another in life.

At my Dad’s Hospice bed this year,
after assuring him that WE were all o.k,,
he gasped his last smile
and passed into another realm.
That same raw, holy emotion
re-introduced itself to me.

This was the first time in my life
that I realized
that Birth and Death
are the same damn thing.

I cried. I laughed. I awed. I wondered. I got silent.

In the end,
I realized that my only job was to
and witness the presence
of the holy,
and be thankful
that I was present.