One never knows
the time we have
to get from
Point A
Point B.

I have a friend
with a kid
who O.D.’d
at 18;
and the kid,
I’m sure
that he was

It’s so damn sad
because everyone loved
that kid,
and he was
on a personal rocket ship
to greatness.

I have been
simultaneously fortunate,
and unfortunate,
to have lost several members
of my circle of family
and friends.

because with each loss,
I receive the benefit
of the reminder
tomorrow isn’t promised.

because I miss them;
not only for
my longing of them,
but for what
they are missing,
as well.

Life is too good.

I don’t understand
when people
who are fortunate enough
to still be here;
to say they are going
to do something,
then they backpedal
out of it
without the courtesy
of an explanation.

To put the brakes on
with an explanation
is understanding,
but to backpedal
out of it,
is cowardly.

I try to be tolerant
of THEM,
but it is frankly rude,
and socially retarded.

how do they NOT remember
the promises they made
in the first place?

It’s a pattern with them,
and they think
that the lapse of time
will perhaps,
make the recipient
of the hollow promise

A very generous friend of mine
offered this college student
good money
to do some menial work
at his building,
and the kid
set the time to do it,
but didn’t show.

Not only didn’t he show,
but he never has said
a word to my friend
about not doing the work.

Somewhere along the way
this kid may have been protected
from the natural consequences
of his un-dependable behavior,
so he obviously thinks
that he’ll still be
receiving the love,
no matter what.

is drawn completely
from my authentic processing
of the learning,
and relearning
of my perception of
and Politics
in my lifetime.

It is a celebration
of the humanity,
and divinity,
of all thing True.

To do
what one says
they are are going to do,
and if not,
be honest about why
they don’t carry it out,
is at the very core,
of everything
that we have learned
is necessary
for the attainment
of Inner Peace,
Local Peace,
and World Peace.

I’m going through
my contact list
and making sure
that I don’t have
unfinished business
with those I’ve made promises.

I appreciate
the tolerance of those
whom I have wronged.

To not do
what you say
you are going to do
is just backpedaling
on one’s journey
towards wholeness.

I try to be tolerant
of THEM,
but it is frankly rude,
and socially unacceptable.

A still of my friend Hector, and I, in the John Mellancamp video: THE AMERICANS