Tears welled up
in our eyes
the first time
Hector and I
entered the “zone”.

The “zone” is a magical place.

We had been intensely
getting to know each other,
when finally
the trust solidified between us
and we just broke down
and told the damn truth,
then teared up.

Hector was young
with an old soul,
I was old,
with a young spirit.

is a nice way
to put IT.

ja aj ja ja

Hector and I
became lifetime
among other ways,
but most significantly
through our mutual
grief and longing.

We were in America
and had daughters in Mexico
that we missed so much that,
at times,
we would be emotionally paralyzed.

As life goes,
both daughters
had their own life situations,
that as Fathers,
we longed to be
a part of,
as opposed to
apart from.

As Fathers,
we were geographically helpless,
an unnatural state of being
for a Father.

We found solace in the “zone”.

The “zone” to me
is when you strip away
all of your day to day roles,
you go deep within yourself,
and tell yourself,
or the one you are with,
the truth about your feelings,
your view of life,
your worst fears
and vulnerabilites,
your dreams.

To live in the “zone”,
to love in the “zone”,
and to do good work in “the zone”
is to have INNER PEACE.

GREATNESS is possible
when one lives,
and works,
in the “zone”.

When you enter “the zone”
or together,
you have shed
all inhibitions
that are between you and yourself,
or between you and the other.

If you are alone,
choose to go THERE>>>

if you are together,
choose go THERE>>>

It just could be
the missing puzzle piece
for the attainment
of your INNER PEACE.

It just could be
the missing puzzle piece
for the attainment

Magic Happens.

Thank You Craig Hesterlee