I’ve never really questioned
WHAT Jesus would do,
I’ve always had questions about
WHO Jesus would do.

THIS affects me.

ASSLOADS of people have asked me
how I lost weight last year.

I have shared the details
of the behaviors that I changed,
but have never shared my awareness
of an internal switch that went off
to make the change possible.

The internal switch
is responsible for
the mindset,
that was the hard part.

I had the fun & easy part,
I was only responsible
for making positive
eating choices
which resulted
in a healthier body
after the switch switched.

In hindsight,
I reflect back and realize
that there was a transformational moment
when the change happened.

This is my issue,
perhaps not yours.
If not,
push DELETE,
or send this to a

Look-around at your ass and decide.

When I have GAINED weight,
it was because there was a decision
that I knew that I needed to make,
that I didn’t yet have the courage to make.

This usually involved
me protecting someone I love,
of me perceiving
that I will hurt someone’s feelings
by telling the truth,
and that they won’t be able
to handle the truth.

My life may have looked fine from the outside,
but inside I knew
that I had to rock the boat
in order to get it right.

I was raised to rescue.
I was raised to please.
I was raised to adapt.

When I got over that
narcissistic shit,
of me thinking that
my truth would hurt someone else,
was when the path was cleared
for me to focus
on my own personal health.

I LOST the weight
when I told the truth.

The truth has magical powers.

The person you are protecting
deserves to know the truth concerning you,
and will be o.k.
because they also
have free access
to the magical powers
of the truth.

Life will change
for all involved,
but you will be
standing skinny
in the truth,
and the other will be free
to GrOw.

Your ass will disappear.