I’m not sure
didn’t have it
all wrong?

Both of my parents
were Educators,
my Mom was MY 3rd Grade Teacher,
and my Dad was THE Principal,
which was a good deal for me,
because I had
free access
to the Lost & Found.

There was some cool shit
falling from kids pockets
in Florida
in the Fifties.

I HAD to call my
Mama and Daddy:
Mr. and Mrs. Henry.

There was no choice
in ONE matter
in The Henry Household,
we were expected
to go to College.

It was like shitting,
Henry’s just did it.

Ask me for a degree,
or a career that I have had,
I can probably shoot THAT
out of my ass as well.

Thank You Mrs. Henry.

come to find out now,
I’m not sure
THAT is so necessary.

Good Option,
but NOT Necessary.

You have professionals today
being put OUT on the streets
because they are over-educated,
lack the skills needed
in today’s computer age,
with THE “Intranets”
and THE Googles
and all.

any one’s life
can drastically change
with the stroke
of a computer keypad.

What I have found
is that if I want a job,
it’s not the degree
that I have attained
that is going to get me work.

It’s the fact
that I will work
with integrity and enthusiasm
that will get me work.

Energy Attracts Energy.

I can spin a truthful tale
out of my life story
that will custom fit
any job,
any where.

You think I am kidding,
We all can.

But who wants
a goddamn job?

jaja jajaj ja

Our minds are usually
the only things keeping us
from the life
that we dream about living.

If you want IT today,
IT is possible.

Mary Grace,
THE Free Spirit Wild Child
of My Family,
packed her bags
when she was 19
and headed to Mexico
to be fluent in Spanish.

She had seen
Henry’s before her
pursue their paths
through Education,
decided that she
would get THERE
another route.

She’s been
on THAT path,
on a Scooter
in the Sun,
in The Yucatan,
for almost 9 years now,
more fluent in Spanish
than The Mexicans
with whom she spends her days
living and laughing.

She’s doing it her way.

At Forty,
I knew I was an Artist,
yet lacking a medium,
then Sister Louisa
knocked on my door,
and she WON’T leave.

My flat ass,
at Fifty Three,
admitted to myself
that I had
a far-fetched dream
to write shit.

I woke up
and realized that
The Only Difference
Between Doing It
and Not Doing It
is Doing It.

Sister Louisa
may never
grace the walls
of The High,
but she is
an Artist.

Her writing
may never be
a shining example
in grammar books,
but she is
a Writer.

Oh No, I’ve said too much.
Consider this.

If YOU have a dream,
then you too,
might as well
just shut the fuck up
and live it.

Or get a job.

girl’s will get this.