What is it
about Natural Death
that we Human’s
can’t handle?

We’re retarded,
and I consciously
use THAT word.

Raise your hand
if you know someone
who has NOT died.

Animals die,
and we are all
just animals.

one of the major
lessons learned
by having a pet
as a child
that THEY die!

Cute little Fido
is Finished!

A Course
that should be added
to the kindergarten curriculum
is The Pattern of Life.

It’s natural.
We are born,
we all do this and that,
then we die.

Some get a lot of good years in,
sadly other’s not so many.
There has been no one
who has gotten out alive.

Allowing our devastation
over a loved one’s death
to have more power
than the love that we show
to those suffering the loss
is ignorant,
and stupid.

We allow our brains
to get fucking overpowered
by our pussy-ass
fears and emotions!

What’s THAT about.

What we may be devastated by
is the fact that WE
have not prepared ourselves
for our own independence
from the one we are losing.

If THEY can die,
then what’s to keep
ME from dying?

Or some major guilt issue.

It is OUR job
as human’s
to use our brains,
to learn from the past,
and be prepared
for the inevitable.

It is also our job
to learn to be there
for people closest
to the one who haa died;
to comfort them
and show them
that the life they lost


We are a big fat
fucking fail
because we are
too fucking scared
to fucking face our own
fucking death
to even be fucking there
for the families of those
who have gone
be-fucking-fore us.

I am,
you are,
we are all
goddamn guilty.

Life is too short
to not learn
to get past this hurdle.

Time Is of the essence.
People are fucking dying around here.